Is it time to seek help?

Depression, problems with drugs and alcohol, gambling addiction. These things can turn your world inside out. Out of nowhere up is down, black is white. Reality looks more like a fun house mirror, warping everything you thought you knew. In no time, you lose who you are. You lose who you wanted to be. And the people around you suffer as well.

You may feel uncertain, even fearful. But you can be sure about one thing: Getting better starts with understanding the problem, recognizing warning signs and asking for help. It Matters and the Kansas Prevention Collaborative can help point you on a path to healing. Every Kansan matters.

Alcohol takes a toll.

Sometimes rock bottom is a pretty bright place. Don’t wait for devastating consequences to convince you you’re not in control.

Abusing alcohol puts your physical and mental health at risk, not to mention problems with relationships, school and work.

Clear the smoke.
Marijuana isn’t safe, especially for teens.
With prescription drugs, parents hold the key.

Sometimes teens take prescription drugs to get high and have fun. But there are other reasons as well: to stop pain, to deal with anxiety, depression or stress, or to stay up later and focus in school — a dangerous trend.

It’s important to listen, understand and deal with the underlying issues teens are facing.

Depression can lead to thoughts of suicide. You can help.


Be yourself
Be sympathetic
Take them seriously
Offer to help


Try to talk them out of it
Act shocked
Minimize their feelings
Promise confidentiality
Leave them alone

Problem gambling is a real disorder.

Like with other behavioral addiction, there are contributing risk factors, including:

A recent loss or change in your life

Financial problems

Often feeling bored or lonely

A history of risk-taking or impulsive behavior