Underage drinking and drug use hurts us all

We’ve all been touched by underage drinking and drug use. Despite prevention efforts, substance abuse by young people continues to be a serious problem in our state. Each of us has the power to help a young person, family or community. It Matters is a valuable resource.
Do you know someone going down the wrong path? Are you in a position to influence young people in your community? Do you need help talking to a family member or friend?
Make a difference for a young person today. It Matters.

Understanding substance abuse

The It Matters website and related educational campaigns are sponsored by Kansas Behavioral Health Services, which helps communities understand the extent and cause of substance abuse problems and take action to reduce and prevent them. Trained professionals help communities select proven prevention strategies and seek resources.
The Behavioral Health Services-funded Kansas Prevention Network consists of 10 Regional Prevention Centers, the Kansas Family Partnership, the Southeast Kansas Education Service Center at Greenbush, and the KU Workgroup for Community Health and Development.
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When you want to help

Both adults and peers play a crucial role in helping keep young people stay healthy and drug-free. It starts with parents, but many other adults can help, too. And peer influence is extremely important. Friends, siblings, coworkers: You can have a huge impact, maybe even save
a life.
Awesome tips and advice
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Learn …

  • how to start the conversation
  • how to talk to kids at any age
  • some of the challenges teens face
  • tips for monitoring and keeping young people safe
  • how to help teens handle stress
  • how to determine if a young person you care
    about is using drugs or alcohol and what to do
    if they are
Start the conversation. It Matters.

The law for teens and adults

Underage drinkers face legal consequences like fines, suspension of drivers license, community service and even time in jail. Adults who furnish alcohol to minors or host parties also face serious repercussions.
Teens who use marijuana face penalties of up to $2,500 and a year in prison, for a first offense. Second offense, selling and growing pot are all felonies with severe penalties.
Follow the law. It Matters.
Kansas Laws
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